END, dull, achy, annoying Neck Pain without the use of Medication or visits to the GP with this FREE guide.

Paul Hayden
  Early last year I done some damage to my neck / shoulder , I decided to go to Kieran to take look and thankfully he had it corrected it. So i am back to work and finally able to get a good nights sleep, seriously talented therapist with a strong passion for the job highly recommended..  
Christine McArdle
  I’ve had neck and shoulder pain for the last couple of years and after two sessions with Kieran I’m pain free! He takes a totally different approach than anyone I’ve attended before but it definitely works! I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from chronic pain.  
KM Physio Westmeath


For those suffering from dull or sharp neck pain. For those who don’t know what to do. Those who have been told to rest, take medication or exercise but none of these actually worked. This free guide is for all of you. 

The amount of wrong information about neck pain that’s out there for people to consume is alarming. Should I bend? Do I have a bulging disk? Is it safe to exercise? Can neck pain cause headaches?  What does neck pain on left side mean? How about neck pain on right side? Which pillow for neck pain should I use? Will I make things worse?

For more than 20 years, I’ve been working and helping people aged 35 to 65+ find relief from acute AND chronic neck pain. One thing I am absolutely sure of is that vicious cycle rest and medications will do nothing to get to the root cause of most types of chronic back pain… no matter what you have been told.

It is easy to get deceived by numerous misconceptions such as those that claim that wear and tear is a bad thing and that back pain is just merely a part of the aging process. These assertions are false and have no scientific research to back it up, pun intended.

Thus, I sat down and wrote this simple easy-to-follow and straight to the point guide on how to end hip pain once and for all without the use of medication or surgery.

Suffering from neck pain is no joke. It can really get in the way of a person’s day to day life. Moreover, it can affect simple tasks such as walking, driving or going out with your friends. Even your job or career may suffer.

So do not let your neck pain dictate what you can and can’t do.

If you would like to get help, please download this FREE guide and start your journey towards becoming pain-free.

Hope you enjoy,