Is It Safe To Exercise When Suffering From Back Pain?

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Is It Safe To Exercise When Suffering From Back Pain?

Well, the short answer is Yes… But it depends on what you define as “exercise”. The word “exercise” can be interpreted in many ways by many different people.

Some may only consider a vigorous workout such as CrossFit or a 10k run as exercise, and then there are others that would see exercise as a leisurely stroll while walking the dogs.

So it does depend on what way you interpret it. Obviously, if you’re suffering from pain it’s not a good idea to do a vigorous workout but that does not mean you need to stop exercising totally.

When suffering from pain, in most cases the pain dictates how much you CAN exercise. So a good rule of thumb is to exercise to a point where it’s not causing discomfort.

So is it safe to exercise when suffering from back pain?
I suppose a better question to ask is it safe NOT to exercise when suffering from back pain? I would be leaning towards that it is unsafe not to exercise to some level. Exercising while in pain or injury is crucial to recovery. In the early stages of an injury, it’s maybe a good idea to slow things down and allow the body some time to let the healing begin, but studies show that the quicker you get moving at comfortable levels the quicker the recovery time.

When pain becomes more persistent and is something that has become part of your life, not exercising and avoiding moving may seem like the best solution but it actually has the opposite effect. Hearing words like “bulging disks”, “arthritis”, or disk degeneration” can make you afraid to exercise. So you don’t.

My advice is if you have these types of thoughts surrounding your back pain or any pain for that matter; ask somebody that understands how pain works. (Do not google it!).

Understanding how much you can move and exercise is the important part. This takes away the fear in moving. Reducing your fear and the anxiety associated with your pain is a pain liberator in itself.
Get yourself educated and get moving.

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