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The Chronic Pain Solution

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I am Kieran McNally, Author of this self-help book “The Chronic Pain Solution”. This self-help book is my first book to write and I feel that it was the perfect time to write it whilst we are in the middle of a pandemic. Always try to take something positive out of a bad situation. This will certainly, be a theme to the book.

I have written this book for all pain sufferers. But, primarily people that are suffering from pain for 3 months or more. But if you have pain in general you will definitely find benefit from it. There are a lot of misconceptions out there regarding pain so I want to give the readers a different perspective towards what I believe are some of the major contributors to pain. We will first discuss what pain is and why we have it. Then what influences it, from such things are tissue damage, fear, anxiety, poor movement, sleep issues to even what type of personality you are. From here we will help you map out your own pain experience and help give you some tools to resolve your own pain.

For the most part when pain is viewed as a physical thing and there lies the problem. The system, certainly in Ireland in my opinion is flawed. It begins with a trip to the doctor, then onto pain medication, poor language being used by healthcare professionals, injections, MRI’s, and surgeries. Many of these can be avoided with a proper plan and a more up-to-date explanation of pain. It is my hope that upon reading this book it will give you a different perspective and some well-needed hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

So I hope you enjoy reading it

All the best,