Beat Lower Back Pain For Good: The Chronic Pain Solution


Numbers from Chronic Pain Ireland estimate that there are 598,000 people living with chronic pain in the country alone, with 20% of those impacted suffering at a severe to very severe level. Many people continue on day-to-day with chronic discomfort, without seeking treatment for many reasons — it’s difficult to explain the pain, there isn’t anything to show the doctor…

If you’re part of the 70% of people suffering from chronic lower back pain, the solution may be found in my upcoming book: The Chronic Pain Solution. Following on from my previous book, Back Pain Solution, this latest title seeks to shed light on your chronic discomfort and offer new information, potential solutions and deep-dives into the soreness / aching that you may be experiencing.

Although back pain is the most common type of chronic soreness, it’s often a difficult and lengthy process to find any form of remedy. Most conventional treatment approaches fail, and it can feel like an extremely dire situation for the individual suffering.

Many people don’t feel confident with exercising or staying active whilst suffering from back soreness / aches, but there are solutions out there, and The Chronic Pain Solution aims to guide you.

After researching for almost a decade, it’s been my mission to help people find relief from acute and chronic issues using physio, neurology, movement and pain education. I’ve compiled my findings into my newest book, and I’m incredibly excited for more people to begin living their lives without constant dull, aching discomfort.

You can now pre-order and secure the special early bird price on my book, The Chronic Pain Solution, by purchasing it directly from my website. It’s time to take a handle on your chronic pain, and to stop letting it dictate your day to day life.

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