Learn Online Pain Management & Solutions for Your Chronic Pain


As a pain and movement specialist, I see many people struggling with pain management, particularly back pain, which impacts 70% of those suffering with chronic pain. For years, I’ve been treating the locals of Athlone to improve their daily lives and practice pain management. With my new online course, Back Pain Solution, I aim to deliver my decade of studyings and findings to the wider world, to truly stamp out back pain for good.

It’s now possible to book and save on my online course, Back Pain Solution, by pre-ordering on my website. This is one of the many pain management courses I have in the pipeline, as I aim to eradicate chronic pain for the millions of those affected.

The Back Pain Solution course will focus on all the areas that I believe influence pain, such as: movement, breathing, fear and anxiety. Everyone’s back pain and pain management requirements are unique, so a part of your purchase, the course includes two 30-minute Skype consultations, so I can thoroughly understand your individual needs in order to offer the best solution possible.

If you’re ready to commit to helping yourself and improving your day-to-day life, my Back Pain Solution course is for you. Together, we’ll map out your specific pain influencers and structure an approach to resolve it once and for all.

The online course, Back Pain Solution, is suited for all of those suffering from chronic pain, with an interest in pain management. If you’ve been unable to get medical help, or you’re finding nothing is helping to remedy your chronic pain, take the course as an opportunity to explore alternative solutions, with advice and solutions tailored for you.

If you’re looking for a new approach that will end back for once and for all, follow this link for more information on on our online course. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to get in touch with us today.